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by admin on October 6, 2010

Opportunity for Workers

At KFC, there are opportunities for every career level. You can be a member of the team at the restaurant or move up to the head office. Either way, KFC is looking for high energy, enthusiasm and a team spirit.

When working in the restaurant environment, many workers start off in the team member position. A team member is responsible for tasks that are often customer oriented, such as taking orders, handling money and handling food. In the back of the house, there are those prepping food and in the front of the house, those interacting with the customers. It is really up to you where you want your talent and focus to develop.

In order to move up to a team leader, you will have to know all aspects of the front and back of the house positions, as well as be adept at motivating others around you to do a good, careful job and keep things moving up to KFC standards. Those who move up to team leaders are on the track for management development. The managers are in charge of typical management duties and have the opportunity to take on additional responsibility within the company. Many times, the promotion to restaurant manager can lead to even bigger things within the KFC company.

As there are 800 KFC locations in the UK and Ireland, the opportunity to work in several locations exists. Once a member of the team, if you are interested in moving to an area outside of your current store, the company will work with you to facilitate that change. Working for KFC is a great opportunity to search for new jobs within their circuit.

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